Colling-IPS, provides through its projects studio over 10 years of direct experience in the design, planning, operations and business modeling of sporting facilities. Comparable principles in the sporting context are also applicable to the development of Venue (Convention & Exhibition Centre) facilities, and Entertainment focus projects. Our experience extends to the planning of temporary facilities to host a major regional or international event.
The aim of creating a “strategic plan” for sports is primarily to address the board vision and objectives of a community. These can include:

i. Encouraging participation in Sport by all levels within a community to promote healthy living and healthy lifestyle;
ii. Developing a country’s Sport industry;
iii. Creating a platform for vibrant Sport Business;
iv. Provision of world class facilities suitable for hosting major sport, entertainment and cultural events;
v. A commercially viable sports business model;
vi. Developing a thriving sport and entertainment ecosystem over the life the a asset;
vii. Establishing a national and global relevant landmark.

Strong sporting culture is a reflection of a nation’s success. The IPS team will assemble the appropriate design team, external experts and business planning partners to deliver a solution that is tailored to a Clients needs and objectives. Sports has wide ranging implications, not only for the local community and their elite athletes, but also the strategic positioning of a city regionally, or as a nation globally.
The engagement with the local and national sporting federations are also a key component of a successful sporting strategy and development of facilities. In this context, the core philosophy of the IPS team is to engage with all project stakeholders to ensure a broad base recognition of needs are addressed and ultimate solutions are adopted and supported by the widest representation of the community.

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